Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Library Summer Reading Program

June 14 - August 24
Library Summer Reading Program
Pick up brochure in the library
Print brochure from http://www.rivertreechristian.com/jackson/media/library/


…how to live out your faith
…how to share Christ with others
…what the Bible says about…
…what’s new & what’s hot
…fiction that inspires
…music for worship & inspiration
…interesting biographies 
…movies with morals
…bios of authors and artists
…used books for sale

For every 1,000 pages read 
For ages 0-6 every 500 pages read...
choose a prize from our grab bag (container) and earn an entry into the grand prize drawing.

Other ways to earn prizes and entry forms:
  • Write a poem about what you have discovered this summer
  • Submit a 5 x 7 photograph of what you have discovered
  • Submit a 2-paragraph review of a book, movie, or CD you have checked out from RiverTree library
  • Submit a list of 25 things you could discover through RiverTree library

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