Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Book Review

Book Review - by Diane Busch
Jesus is .... Fnd a new way to be human - by Judah Smith
2013 Thomas Nelson Publishers 
As a society and even as Christians, we have many misconceived ideas about Jesus.   Judah Smith is a pastor in Seatle WA, who led a city-wide campaign to discover who Jesus is.  His whole church got involved also. 
How would you answer the question "Jesus is...?"  In this book Judah answers this question many times with refreshing explanations of who Jesus is and who He isn't.
The author speaks in everyday language and helps us understand the truth about Jesus from scripture.  Some of the chapter titles are:
Jesus is your friend
Jesus is grace
Jesus is the point
Jesus is happy
Jesus is here
Jesus is alive

The authoe's goal is to help us see Jesus for who he really is and to understand what that means for our lives.  His Prayer is that that the love of Jesus will consume us and permeate our lives and bring color to our existence.  He says the love of Jesus and the beauty of grace are so massive and so extraordinary and extravagant, that we will spend the rest of our lives discovering their implications.

This is a great read for people seeking more information on Jesus or those who have heard about Jesus all their lives. 

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