Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Music Releases

New Releases For Tuesday, July 15, 2014
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About A Mile by About A Mile  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseTuesday.com About A Mile
by About A Mile | Genre: Pop/Rock
Sometimes the most accomplished artistry is birthed out of the most trying adversity, which coupled with the chemistry that comes from the bond of brotherhood, puts Word Records newcomers About A Mile well beyond their years. Adam, Levi and Luke Klutinoty ...
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Crystal Clear by David Dunn | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseTuesday.com Crystal Clear
by David Dunn | Genre: Pop/Rock
David Dunn’s debut has been a long time coming as music had always been a hobby of his before he started pursuing it full-time. As a student at Texas Tech University, where he majored in engineering, he was an honors student who moonlighted as a singer/songwriter, ...
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While the City Sleeps by B. Cooper | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseTuesday.com While the City Sleeps
by B. Cooper | Genre: Rap/Urban
This project comes out of struggle and passion meaning what you are about to hear will be honest, authentic, and lyrically interesting. So pay attention and don’t sleep on this one…literally. Bottom Line this project will be about you, the listener, ...
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Brave by Moriah Peters | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseTuesday.com Brave
by Moriah Peters | Genre: Pop/Rock
Moriah Peter's sophomore release is a powerful collection of anthemic and melodic pop songs that challenge us to boldly live out our faith as Christians. At 21 she delivers a cutting edge, energetic sound that confidently carries a message that resonates ...
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Too by Flatt Lonesome  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseTuesday.com Too
by Flatt Lonesome | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel
Flatt Lonesome is a young, new group of pickers fresh to the scene. While deeply-rooted in bluegrass music’s historic classics, they also have an energetic flair for country sounds, progressive jams, and soul-stirring gospel music while never forsaking ...
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Library Summer Reading Program

June 14 - August 24
Library Summer Reading Program
Pick up brochure in the library
Print brochure from http://www.rivertreechristian.com/jackson/media/library/


…how to live out your faith
…how to share Christ with others
…what the Bible says about…
…what’s new & what’s hot
…fiction that inspires
…music for worship & inspiration
…interesting biographies 
…movies with morals
…bios of authors and artists
…used books for sale

For every 1,000 pages read 
For ages 0-6 every 500 pages read...
choose a prize from our grab bag (container) and earn an entry into the grand prize drawing.

Other ways to earn prizes and entry forms:
  • Write a poem about what you have discovered this summer
  • Submit a 5 x 7 photograph of what you have discovered
  • Submit a 2-paragraph review of a book, movie, or CD you have checked out from RiverTree library
  • Submit a list of 25 things you could discover through RiverTree library