Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book Review -

Honestly: getting real about Jesus and our messy lives
Daniel Fusco with D. R. Jacobsen
NavPress in alliance with Tyndale House Piblishers, Inc

Honestly, this book is a study of Ephesians, but it doesn't feel like it.  Daniel Fusco writes so down to earth, it's as if he's talking to you like a friend. A friend who "gets it". A friend who has been through life with its messiness just like you have. And he's not afraid to say what you are thinking but were afraid to say.  He acknowledges that in the midst of our messy lives, the truths about God are challenged or tough to believe. He says, "Messiness by itself is not good news. But messiness that Jesus can work in and through absolutely is good news!"

Whether you are new to faith in Christ or you have been following Him for years, there are truths and reminders throughout this book that will inspire you to grow in your faith.  Daniel writes simply but profoundly as he presents lots of good news to help you through your bad news. "God wants to do new things in us.  Life is messy, but God is real.  God is the God of the mess.  Jesus is alive, and God's spirit is loose in the world, transforming hearts and minds."  Amen!