Friday, April 12, 2019

Book Review - Irresistible: by Andy Stanley

Irresistible: Reclaiming The New That Jesus Unleashed For The World

by Andy Stanley

Zondervan, 2018

Reviewed by Diane Busch

This is a must read!  How else can I say it?  Everyone (especially Christ followers) should read this book now!  What we think we know and believe might be shaken a bit, but keep reading and you’ll land on solid ground. 

Andy is such a great communicator. His explanations make so much sense. I dare not try to recap his words, as I fear I will do them an injustice.  But a few of my take aways from this book are:   
1)The Old Testament is history, laws, prophesies, stories and poems from the ancient Jewish culture. We can learn about God through the filter of Jewish history.  The Old Testament is not a comprehensive book about God. It’s not a biography of God’s early years.  The Old Testament is a book about his relationship with one people group.  We should keep that in mind when we read it. It is NOT a directive on how we should live today. 
2)And we should not mix and match scripture from Old and New Testament for teaching and instruction for Christ followers today.  Jesus came to fulfill the law and the prophets, sort of like a pilot fulfills or completes the flight plan that has been laid out.  Jesus gave us a New Covenant (a new commandment) and this is what we should use as our guide for life.  

There is much more wonderful content in this book.  I highly respect Andy and recommend all of his books and videos.

Book Review - Bathed in Prayer by Jan Karon

Bathed in Prayer : Father Tim's Prayers, Sermons, and Reflections from the Mitford Series

by Jan Karon

Putnam 2019

Reviewed by Diane Busch

This is a wonderful overview of the Mitford series and a reminder of Father Tim's words of wisdom and prayers over the years. I listened to the audiobook and it was so good to hear the soothing friendly voice of the beloved narrator of this series, John McDonough.

As a avid reader of the Mitford series, it was a joy to revisit the well-known characters and scenes. This collection of prayers and words of wisdom gives inspiration for our own prayer lives.  Even though this is a fiction series, God’s great name is lifted up and the power of prayer is exhibited.

New Music - April 12, 2019

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