Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Releases

When Bad Christians Happen to Good People
Dave Burchett
Waterbrook Press, July 2011
Sometimes, the people who hurt us the most are those with whom we share faith in Christ. If you've been hurt by the church, the pain and resentment you feel are real. In When Bad Christians Happen to Good People, Dave Burchett speaks from his own experience to give insights into why these abuses happen and how to prevent them. Working toward a solution will benefit you at the same time it helps others. Whether you've been a bad Christian in the past, or have been hurt by one, there is a better way to live.

As Silver Refined
Kay Arthur
Waterbrook Press, July 2011
How do you respond when somebody tramples your feelings? Robs your home? Injures a family member? Trials prompt us to ask God "Why?" But what if unavoidable disappointments are actually appointments that God uses to make us more Christ-like? Learn how to break the downward spiral of discouragement and embrace troubles with faith. Includes study guide.

On Fire CD
Peter Furler
EMI Distribution, July 2011
Recognized worldwide as the frontman of Aussie worship rockers The Newsboys, Peter Furler has captivated generations of believers with his powerful voice, passionate delivery, and faith-on-your-sleeve approach to life. With the highly capable Michael Tait now fronting the 'Boys, Furler strikes out on his own packing a high-octane collection of modern worship and AC rock gems.On Fire showcases the well-traveled showman at the top of his game, from hair-raising worship anthems to penetrating ballads, including the chart-climbing single "Reach" plus "Glory To the King," "Faster and Louder," "I'm Alive," and others.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Releases

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
Gary Chapman and Paul White
Northfield Publishing, July 2011
The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace applies the love language concept to the workplace. This book helps supervisors and managers effectively communicate appreciation and encouragement to their employees, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction, healthier relationships between managers and employees, and decreased cases of burnout. Ideal for both the profit and non-profit sectors, the principles presented in this book have a proven history of success in businesses, schools, medical offices, churches, and industry. Each book contains an access code for the reader to take a comprehensive online MBA Inventory (Motivating By Appreciation) - a $20 value.
The inventory is designed to provide a clearer picture of an individual’s primary language of appreciation and motivation as experienced in a work-related setting. It identifies individuals’ preference in the languages of appreciation. Understanding an individual’s primary and secondary languages of appreciation can assist managers and supervisors in communicating effectively to their team members.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Releases

Power of a Praying Wife Devotional
Stormie Omartian
Harvest House Publishers, July 2011
New from bestselling author Stormie Omartian is a book close to her own heart—The Power of a Praying® Wife Devotional. Following up on the insights and prayers of The Power of a Praying® Wife (more than 3.5 million books sold) 100 brand-new devotions, prayers, and supporting Scriptures offer a praying wife fresh ways to pray for her husband, herself, and her marriage.
These easy-to-read devotions will increase any wife’s understanding, strength, and peace, as well as provide her with perspective on the situations and challenges she faces. And each prayer will help both husbands and wives be more attuned to the Holy Spirit so they can do what’s right without allowing negative emotions or unclear thinking to get in the way. A must-have for anyone wanting God’s best for this most important relationship.

Quest for the Scorpion's Jewel (Amarias Adventures)
Amy Green
Warner Press, July 2011
"The Amarias Adventures" begin when 15-year-old Jesse befriends a band of young warriors and risks his life to find a cure for their poisoned leader, Parvel. Though Jesse has a crippled leg, he is asked to join the remaining warriors-part of an elite fighting force known as the Youth Guard-on their mission for the king. Facing danger at every turn, Jesse, Rae and Silas journey over treacherous mountains and across a scorching desert. To make matters worse, an unknown enemy seeks to end their quest before it has even begun. Where is Parvel's God when they need Him most? And with so little information to guide them, how will they ever complete their mission and find the Scorpion's Jewel? Will they even escape with their lives?

Escape from Riddler's Pass (Amarias Adventures)
Amy Green
Warner Press, July 2011
With their quest for the Scorpion's Jewel at an end, Jesse, Rae and Silas return to rescue their injured friend, Parvel, only to find he has been kidnapped by the Rebellion. While trying to evade the Patrol, who threaten their very lives, this time the Youth Guard's journey leads to the mountains, where they are taken captive by a dwarf. Underground the young warriors discover a lost civilization, and a new friend with vital information to help them on their way. But the Rebellion headquarters are hidden within a dangerous maze of tunnels in another mountain, and accessible only by solving a series of riddles. Will Jesse and his friends discover the secret to the Rebellion's tunnels and reach Parvel before it is too late? Or will they be doomed to dwell in darkness forever?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Review

Learning (Bailey Flanigan series; book 2)
by Karen Kingsbury

Reviewed by Diane Busch

Fans of Karen Kingsbury novels are familiar with the Flanigan family and the Baxter and Blake families.  This is another great book in a long line of interwoven stories about these Christian families.  The series starts with book 1 "Leaving", focusing on Bailey Flanigan, whose dream is to perform on Broadway, and on her family, and on her relationships with guys (namely Tim, Cody & Brandon).

In this installment Bailey finally gets to be a part of the Broadway musical "Hairspray" and moves to New York City.  It seems that Brandon and she are falling in love, but she can never really get Cody out of her head.  Cody is falling in love with Cheyenne, but he can never really get Bailey out of his head.  We must all wait for book 3 "Longing" to see how Bailey's love story will turn out.
In New York City, Bailey has trials to deal with, such as the death of her fellow cast member, Chrissy, and feeling like other cast members don't like her and her Christianity.

As Bailey matures and learns life lessons, so do the other characters in the story, including Landon Blake, who learns that he has COPD and cannot fight fires anymore.  Cody learns lessons too, as he helps Cheyenne in her recovery, coaches the Lyle High football team, and relates with his mother, a recovering drug addict.

One theme of this book is that there is a cost to pursuing dreams.  Lessons must always be learned along the way.

This book was provided free by Zondervan in exchange for an unbiased review.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Releases

Erasing Hell
Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle
David C Cook, June 2011
How could a loving God send people to hell? Will people have a chance after they die to believe in Jesus and go to heaven? With a humble respect for God's Word, Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle address the deepest questions you have about eternal destiny. They've asked the same questions. Like you, sometimes they just don't want to believe in hell. But as they write, "We cannot afford to be wrong on this issue." This is not a book about who is saying what. It's a book about what God says. It's not a book about impersonal theological issues. It's a book about people who God loves. It's not a book about arguments, doctrine, or being right. It's a book about the character of God. Erasing Hell will immerse you in the truth of Scripture as, together with the authors, you find not only the truth but the courage to live it out.

The Message Bible 10th Anniversary Reader's Edition
Eugene Peterson
NavPress, July 2011
The Message in its original format in celebration of its 10th Anniversary. It's been ten years since NavPress first introduced The Message Bible. Now they are celebrating with a special limited edition, The Message 10th Anniversary Reader's Edition. Written in the language you use every day—with no verse numbers or formal language—it reads like your favorite novel.
 All In
Gene Chizik
Tyndale, June 2011
What does it take to go from a struggling football coach at Iowa State to Coach of the Year at Auburn University? Guts, determination, and faith! In this candid memoir, Chizik shares the pivotal role his Christian beliefs play in his life, and offers his time-tested secrets to success---both on and off the field. 326 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.

Lion of Babylon
Davis Bunn
Bethany House, June 2011
Special agent Marc Royce's job in the State Department is routine---until two CIA operatives, a high-placed Iraqi civilian, and a humanitarian aid worker go missing in Iraq. As Marc engages in a covert operation, the underground dialogue between sworn enemies heats up. Will the ultimate Reconciler bring peace between ancient opponents and current foes? 384 pages, softcover from Bethany.

10,000 Reasons
Matt Redman
Sixstep Records, June 2011
"Where Would We Be" without God? Matt Redman gives you "10,000 Reasons" why God is always "Here for You"! Recorded live in Atlanta with more than 1,000 worship leaders, this power-packed release features all-new songs, including "We Are the Free"; "Endless Hallelujah"; "Never Once"; "Magnificent"; "Change the World"; "Oh, This God"; and more.