Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Releases

When Bad Christians Happen to Good People
Dave Burchett
Waterbrook Press, July 2011
Sometimes, the people who hurt us the most are those with whom we share faith in Christ. If you've been hurt by the church, the pain and resentment you feel are real. In When Bad Christians Happen to Good People, Dave Burchett speaks from his own experience to give insights into why these abuses happen and how to prevent them. Working toward a solution will benefit you at the same time it helps others. Whether you've been a bad Christian in the past, or have been hurt by one, there is a better way to live.

As Silver Refined
Kay Arthur
Waterbrook Press, July 2011
How do you respond when somebody tramples your feelings? Robs your home? Injures a family member? Trials prompt us to ask God "Why?" But what if unavoidable disappointments are actually appointments that God uses to make us more Christ-like? Learn how to break the downward spiral of discouragement and embrace troubles with faith. Includes study guide.

On Fire CD
Peter Furler
EMI Distribution, July 2011
Recognized worldwide as the frontman of Aussie worship rockers The Newsboys, Peter Furler has captivated generations of believers with his powerful voice, passionate delivery, and faith-on-your-sleeve approach to life. With the highly capable Michael Tait now fronting the 'Boys, Furler strikes out on his own packing a high-octane collection of modern worship and AC rock gems.On Fire showcases the well-traveled showman at the top of his game, from hair-raising worship anthems to penetrating ballads, including the chart-climbing single "Reach" plus "Glory To the King," "Faster and Louder," "I'm Alive," and others.

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