Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Releases

Letters to God
Patrick Doughtie and John Perry
Zondervan, February 2010
Inspired by the major motion picture Letters to God, this novel is for readers eager to read more of this inspiring story. Tyler, a nine-year-old boy, is stricken with incurable brain cancer and begins to write letters to God. He turns his suffering into spiritual lessons for his widowed mother, his embittered adolescent brother, and a troubled postman. This story of hope will help readers from all walks work toward greater understanding of God's presence and care.

Letters to God
Patrick and Heather Doughtie
Zonderkidz, February 2010
'I thought maybe God didn't hear me, so I decided to write him a letter.' In his search for a special compass, a young boy writes a letter to God and reveals, to himself and others, the miracle of God's hand in every situation. This book is inspired by the true story of Tyler, whose life is told in the major motion picture Letters to God. Patrick and Heather Doughtie, authors and parents of the real-life Tyler, share the endearing story of their son's inspiring and contagious faith.

Letters to God Journal
Zondervan, February 2010
This journal inspired by the major motion picture Letters to God is an appealing and innovative tool for helping people build stronger, more fulfilling prayer lives. Building on the popularity of the film, in which a dying boy shares his fears, hopes, and dreams with God through letters, this easy-to-use journal helps unlock the mystery of prayer by enabling users to talk with God the way they would pour out their hearts in letters to their best friends. Complete with examples and Scripture verses on prayer, it offers the practical, yet inspired advice that both instructs and motivates. Readers will be able to turn to one of the blank journal pages and start praying.

Prayer: Your Own Letter to God
Andre Dugger
Zondervan, February 2010
Inspired by the major motion picture Letters to God, this insight-filled guide offers Christians creative, practical advice on how to strengthen their relationship with God. Writing their own letters to God, readers of all ages---both newcomers to faith and lifelong prayer warriors---will develop and strengthen their prayer lives. Hands-on strategies and exercises, featured at the end of each chapter, ensure this book will be used and studied over and over again. Readers will rely on it not only for help in writing to God daily, but also for: * Clear, concise descriptions of prayer * Guidance on how to pray * Thoughts on for whom and for what to pray * Insight into why to pray and when to pray Written by the real-life pastor of the young boy portrayed in the movie, this book is a practical primer for prayer that will build on the powerful message of the film as it inspires believers for years to come.

If I Could Ask God Anything
Kathryn Slattery
Tommy Nelson, March 2010
Awesome Bible answers for curious kids!
If I Could Ask God Anything
is a unique kid-friendly book jam-packed with clear, fresh answers to important questions about God, faith, prayer, and Christianity in language that children can understand. Using kid-friendly language, established author Kathryn Slattery tackles "toughies" such as:

  • If God is invisible, how do I know He is real?
  • Did Jesus live on Earth before or after the dinosaurs?
  • Why should I go to church?
  • When I die, do I become an angel with a halo and wings?
  • How can the Holy Spirit help me?
  • Does God stop loving me when I sin?

This book will help young readers establish a closer relationship with God as well as help parents nurture their child’s mind and spirit with this well-rounded, Scripture-based guide.

The Telling
Beverly Lewis
Bethany House, April 2010
Grace Byler leaves Bird-in-Hand in a fancy car to search for her mother in Ohio. But what if Lettie Byler doesn't wish to be found? Meanwhile, Lettie continues her private quest to find the missing piece of her life. As clues take her from state to state, she is increasingly torn between the family she has left behind and the yearning for her long-lost child. Struggling to come to terms with a grave medical diagnosis, Heather Nelson is determined to forgo traditional medicine--to her father's chagrin--in hopes of finding answers and healing in Amish country. But first, she offers to drive her Amish friend, Grace Byler, to Ohio Amish country. Will mother and daughter, and one seriously ill graduate student, find the answers they long for? Or will "the telling" cause them all further pain?

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