Monday, March 29, 2010

Book Review

Deliberate Simplicity : How the church does more by doing less
by Dave Browning
Zondervan 2009

This is a good book for church leaders or ministry leaders. It inspires us to pare down and be simpler, so we can actually reach more people for Christ. Less can be more. The main concept is an alternative to the mega church model. We (Christians) should GO out where the people are; not ask the people (non-Christians) to COME to us (in our church building). Browning encourages us to worship in public spaces and convene in homes. Increase; include; "go viral". Not to be a large church with programs that are for the church goers; but be out in the community as multiple smaller cells doing whatever ministry work God is calling and leading us to at that time.

Browning writes through his experiences as part of Christ the King Community Church International, a nondenominational multisite church with locations in twelve states and seven countries. He uses scripture to show that this model of multiple small churches that are part of the larger body of Christ is how the early church went about fulfilling the great commission. It is easier to turn a small boat, than it is a larger vessel, as we follow God and join Him where he is at work around us. The deliberately simple church is focused on doing a few things and doing these few things well. If a program doesn't help us love God and love people better, it doesn't continue.

6 Elements to the New Equation: Minimality, Intentionality, Reality, Multility, Velocity, Scalability (they all work together)
Keep it simple. Keep it missional. Keep it real. Keep it cellular. Keep it moving. Keep it expanding.

Reviewed by Diane Busch

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