Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Walking with God
by John Eldredge
2008 - Thomas Nelson

What a great reminder to us all, to talk with God a lot more than we do! Not just a quick prayer in the morning or grace before a meal and then plowing ahead with our own plans. But to really spend time talking with God, getting to know him, and listening to him--all day long! I really enjoyed John's practical examples from his own life. They help me see how I can walk and talk with God much more than I do. It also helps to know that sometimes we have to talk to God multiple times about the same thing before we see or hear the answer.
John gives good practical tips for talking with God and learning to hear God speak to us, even as we experience the joys and sorrows of this life. He also includes some good information on spiritual warfare.
Whether you are a new or seasoned Christ follower, you will find great value in reading this book.

Reviewed by Diane Busch

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  1. This was a great book. It helped me to reexamine struggles in my life and gave me a lot of great suggestions for bringing my mind into obedience with God. One of many insight that struck me was the idea of praying for God to be the God of my imagination. Not sure why I always figured that was an uncontrollable part of me. :) Very honest and liberating. I will probably read it again sometime.