Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Releases

Give This Christmas Away
Matthew West
Tyndale House Publishers, October 2009
“What if December looked different this year?” Featured on the new Veggie Tales Christmas DVD (Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving), the forthcoming single “Give This Christmas Away” is a duet between Matthew West and Amy Grant destined to become a holiday classic. Now, in this tie-in book, Matthew West shares 101 inspiring ways for you, your family, and your church to give this Christmas away. Mirroring Jesus’ message of love for the unloveable and compassion for the broken, this book will share practical ideas and inspiring stories of giving that will help you give the message of the ultimate Christmas gift this year—Jesus. Includes 101 Scriptures from the New Living Translation.

Family Force 5's Christmas Pageant
Family Force 5
Tooth & Nail, October 2009
The Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant will stand alone as one of the hottest Christmas Releases of the year. Pulling from a list of Christmas classics along with a new Family Force 5 original, this release will bring the Christmas cheer and will celebrate the season in a "family" way.

How Many Kings: Songs for Christmas
Word Entertainment, October 2009
Following the great success of the first Christmas single "How Many Kings," Canadian modern worship outfit Downhere captures the spirit of the season with an elegant set of traditional favorites and spiritual Christmas carols. This thirteen song collection features the original and re-imagined versions of the hit title track plus "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "Silent Night," "Five Golden Rings," and more.

Jesus Lives
Sarah Young
Thomas Nelson, October 2009
Do you recognize God's voice? Whether you're struggling through a valley or reaping a bounty of blessings, Jesus is alive and present in all your circumstances! Young's devotional provides 180 meditations that will exemplify the Lord's presence in your life, give you insight and wisdom, and bring to light the truth of Romans 8:11. 368 pages, padded hardcover from Nelson.

Apprenticeship with Jesus
Gary W. Moon
Baker Books, September 2009
Ask a crowd of Christians whether they believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior, and all hands will go up. Ask the same crowd whether they live like Jesus, and most of those same hands will come down. Why is this? Why is it so hard to bridge the gap between belief and real life? Respected author, professor, and psychologist Gary W. Moon thinks it has to do with our hyper-intellectual but non-experiential method of living the Christian life. In this winsome book Moon provides a thirty-day apprenticeship with Jesus, whereby readers will actively practice being with Jesus day in and day out. Each day's reading uses compelling stories and scripture to illustrate a point and closes with a suggested apprenticeship activity.

mY Generation
Josh James Riebock
Baker Books, October 2009
Y is the generation of tattoos, cell phones, social networking, and iPods. It is the generation of authenticity, social justice, racial diversity, and community. But it is also the generation of broken homes, school shootings, immense performance pressure, loneliness, self-indulgence, and insecurity. Christians have largely failed to bring restoration to this 70 million member group of young people. What are we missing? And what are the consequences if it doesn't change? Foregoing formulas, models, and snappy acronyms (which don't work), Josh James Riebock offers readers a journey deep into the soul of a generation that is slowly being transformed from within. Whether pastors, volunteers, church leaders, friends, or members of generation Y themselves, readers will value this honest and hopeful look at restoring a broken generation with the life-changing power of the Gospel.

NIV Waterproof Bible: New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs Sportsman's Edition
Bardin & Marsee Publishing, September 2009
Guaranteed 100% Waterproof Inside & Out! The NIV Waterproof Bible, New Testament Psalms & Proverbs, will give you the freedom and inspiration to take God's Word with you wherever life takes you. Combined with today's most read and trusted translation, the NIV, this Bible offers unsurpassed versatility and confidence to go anywhere. Perfect For: Hunters, Outdoorsmen, Anglers, Trappers.

Melody Carlson
Multnomah Books, October 2009
A film star in Hollywood's golden age, Claudette Fiore is used to living with glitz, glitter, and glamour. But now the tables have turned. The victim of embezzlement, the 80-year-old has lost everything and moves back to her shabby childhood home in northern California. Can she face the ghosts of her past and find new purpose? 384 pages, softcover from Multnomah.

Shades of Blue
Karen Kingsbury
Zondervan, October 2009
Brad Cutler, twenty-eight, is a rising star at his New York ad agency, about to marry the girl of his dreams. Anyone would agree he has it all ? a great career, a beautiful and loving fiancee, and a fairy tale life ahead of him?when memories of a high school girlfriend begin to torment him. Lost innocence and one very difficult choice flood his conscience, and he is no longer sure what the future will bring except for this: He must find his old love and make amends. Haunted by the past and confused about the future, he turns to God seeking forgiveness and redemption.

The Tallest of the Smalls
Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson, October 2009
A delightful rhyming story about the Too-Smalls who live in the Stiltsville. Every evening at six, the Too-Smalls meet in the square where they hope they'll be picked to receive stilts to strut about above the stilt-less masses below. They come to see if they matter, it they're awesome, if they're pretty, if they're clever, or funny. Ollie, the smallest of too-smalls, pleas to be picked. He wants to be like the high-ups of Stiltsville who are proud of their stilts, the ultimate status. But once he gets stilts, oh how it hurts when he stumbles and tumbles and loses his stilts. That is... until he meets Jesus who chose low over hightelling him"Keep your feet on the ground. You matter already." This book for kids coordinates with Lucado's trade book, Fearless.

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