Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Releases: October 15, 2008

Multiple Bles8ings
Jon & Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson
Zondervan, October 2008

Kate and Jon have learned that through God, all things are possible-though sometimes slightly improbable. Just three years after giving birth to twins, they learned Kate was pregnant again-with sextuplets. Kate candidly chronicles the emotional and exhausting challenges she and Jon faced from the time the babies were conceived through the first 2 years of their lives. This story of faith provides a heartening lesson in what it means to trust the faithful hand of God to provide the strength and courage to make it through life's seemingly impossible situations.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie
Vischer, Nawrocki, Clarke, Lowenthal
r 2008

A boatload of beloved VeggieTales pals embark on a pirate adventure with their trademark humor and silly songs. They are on the ride of their lives when mysteriously whisked back to the the time when pirates ruled the high seas. It's a swashbuckling good time for the whole family!

Coffeehouse Theology

Ed Cyzewski

Navpress, September 2008

Theology should breathe life and unity among God's people, but today's culture creates a barrier of ignorance and misunderstanding in the study of God. This barrier threatens to split believers and keep seekers from finding God. Whether in a community, in a coffeehouse, or by e-mail, discussion and application of theology is essential. Joining a conversation is easy.

The Firstborn Advantage
Dr. Ke
vin Leman
September 2008

You have big plans and dreams. You demand a lot out of yourself, and it pays off. As a natural mover and shaker of the world, you were at the top of your class. You're the benchmark setter and the award winner, you've always done what's expected of you-and yes, you're the one who got in trouble for what your younger sibling did. Being firstborn comes with a high price sometimes. No one is harder on you than you. It does not have to be that way. You can learn to use your skills to your best advantage in every area of your life.

Child of Divorce Child of God
Kristine Steakley
InterVarsity Press, September 2008

Divorce affects our relationships to other people, our fears and longings, our faith and spirituality. We may have difficulties with anger, guilt, commitment or forgiveness. But our identity need not be marked only by our parents' divorce. God can enter into our woundedness and bring transformation and hope. Steakley chronicles the emotional and spiritual challenges facing adult children of divorce. She tells her own story of abandonment and estrangement, and wrestles through questions of trust, self-worth and identity. She has found that God can repair and reparent us in ways that heal and restore our relationships with ourselves, our parents and God.

Invitation: Billy Graham and the Lives God Touched
Multnomah Books, September 2008

Now for the first time, through pictures and stories of ordinary people who heard the invitation and responded, we glimpse the breathtaking panorama of a 70 year work of God. Here is the inspiring journey of hearts and souls encountering God through the ministry of Billy Graham. This new book of images and stories brings together stories of real people who responded to God's invitation and as a result found their lives transformed and utterly turned around. Invitation has a place in every ohme, and is itself an invitation to all of us who experience the spiritual legacy of Billy Graham and the work of God in changing lives.

A Baby Changes Everything
KK Wiseman, Tim Nichols, Craig Wiseman
Thomas Nelson, October 2008

Amazing is the grace that comes to find you as gently as a newborn babe. The authors have found a way to take the oldest of stories, the birth of baby Jesus, and make it relevant to us today, with the hope that defines Christmas. Includes a forward by Faith Hill.

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