Monday, September 19, 2016

Book Review


by Priscilla Shirer

B & H 2015

Reviewed by Diane Busch

Ladies, this book was written for you, by a fellow believer in Christ who wants you to know the joy of Jesus and victory over Satan.  She has your best interest at heart as she teaches how to pray, how to use scripture in your prayers, and how to pray against our enemy, the devil.  

We can't just talk about prayer, we have to pray!  We can talk to God about everything and we should. Daily! With fervency!  She encourages you to write down your prayers and to write down scripture you want to use while you pray.  Go to a place alone (like a closet) where you won't be distracted and talk to God about all of life.  

This book is a great tool to have in your hands to read, underline, share with others, and read again.  The audiobook is also inspiring, as Priscilla reads it with all her passion.  

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