Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Release Books


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Where I Am
More on Where I Am:
Heaven, Eternity and Our Life Beyond

Sparked by his concern that current rhetoric often times softens the reality of judgement and Hell,Where I Am features an introductory chapter and outline penned over seven decades of Billy Graham's preaching and written works.  In his last original writing, Mr. Graham shares what the Bible says in sixty-six books, from the gift of the blood to everlasting peace and even more.  Preview a free chapter of Where I Am at 
Sharing the same consistent calling, The Eternity Collection includes The Reason for My Hope and Nearing Home.

Placeholder ImageDo you see yourself as God does?  Asks Hello, Beauty Full 
Women struggle with "not-enough-ness" to a point of being broken and ashamed.  But in His Word, God is clear that he sees us the way we already are in Christ: deeply loved and abundantly influential.  Hello, Beauty Full explodes the shame-based mythology and empowers women to see ourselves as God designed us to be.  To celebrate the release, you can check out a free chapter at
If you listen to Our Daily Bread Ministries, they'll be featuring Elisa and a 7-Day Devotional. 

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