Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Release Books August 2-8, 2015

Baker Publishing, By Melissa Jagears, paperback, 368 pages, $14.99, 9780764211706, Now Available
Silas and Kate both harbor resentment over failed mail-order engagements. When an interest in a motherless boy leads to an interest in each other, neither is prepared for the secrets that have yet to come to light. Can their wounded souls bind them together or will all that stands between them leave them lonely forever?

Baker Publishing, By Chip Ingram, paperback, 240 pages, $16.99, 9780801017292, Now Available
Bestselling author, pastor, and radio personality Chip Ingram shows readers how they can bring light rather than heat to the controversial and divisive issues of our day. Covering topics such as right and wrong, sex, homosexuality, abortion, politics, and the environment, Culture Shock is every believer's must-have guidebook to replacing reactionary hate with revolutionary love.

Baker Publishing, By Irene Hannon, paperback, 352 pages, $14.99, 9780800724528, Now Available
Coming home to Hope Harbor wasn't on Tracy Campbell's agenda and neither was romance, but when she meets Michael Hunter, everything changes. Fan favorite Irene Hannon brings a whole new cast of characters to life in a charming Oregon seaside village. Emotional and heartwarming, this story invites readers to come home to Hope Harbor.

Baker Publishing, By Susan Anne Mason, paperback, 384 pages, $14.99, 9780764217241, Now Available
At Irish Meadows horse farm, two sisters struggle to reconcile their dreams with their father's demanding marriage expectations. Brianna longs to attend college, while Colleen is happy to marry, as long as the man meets her standards. Will they find the courage to follow their hearts?

Baker Publishing, By Clayton King, paperback, 240 pages, $14.99, 9780801016844, Now Available
Through experience and biblical teaching, Clayton King shows readers that they are not defined by what happens to them and reveals God's plan to make them stronger. Anyone who struggles to make sense of seemingly hopeless situations will find in this book not only hope for a brighter future but purpose in their imperfect present.

Baker Publishing, By Timothy Dailey, Ph.D., paperback, 208 pages, $13.99, 9780800797768, Now Available
Today's pop culture is becoming increasingly dominated by paranormal beings. Topics that once belonged to the fringes of the occult world have suddenly found their way onto every television channel and magazine cover. Dr. Timothy Dailey explores the counterfeit spirituality of the paranormal world and exposes the dark truth behind these tales.

Baker Publishing, By Carey Scott, paperback, 224 pages, $12.99, 9780800726591, Now Available
All women want to feel is valued. But problems arise when we seek confirmation that we are enough using the world's standards. With hope-filled writing and plenty of hard-won personal advice, Carey Scott shows women how to untangle their self-esteem from the world and anchor it in Jesu

Revised and updated ed. Baker Publishing, By Holly Wagner, paperback, 208 pages, $14.99, 9780800722395, Now Available
This inspiring call to arms against victimhood and complacency shows women they are beautiful just the way they are, they are destined to be overcomers in this life, and the battle is already won. We can choose to be a casualty or a warrior. So what's it going to be?

Baker Publishing, By Jen Turano, paperback, 352 pages, $14.99, 9780764212765, Now Available
Longfellow is determined to become the best nanny on the East Coast. Unfortunately, her unusual methods have gotten her dismissed again. Everett Mulberry has unexpectedly become guardian to three children that scare off every nanny he hires. At wit's end with Millie and Everett, the employment agency gives them one last chance—with each other.
Baker Publishing, By Patricia Bradley, paperback, 336 pages, $14.99, 9780800722821, Now Available
When a high-profile case strikes homicide detective Livy Reynolds as similar to her own cousin's disappearance, she must work with the distractingly handsome Alex Jennings to solve the mystery. Award-winning author Patricia Bradley keeps readers on the edge of their seats as they anticipate the outcome of the case—and the relationship between Livy and Alex.

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