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New Release Books - August 16-22, 2015

Baker Publishing, By James C. Martin, John A. Beck, and David G. Hansen, trade paper, 272 pages, $19.99, 9780801017278, Aug 20
A Visual Guide to Bible Events illuminates the fascinating connections between Bible events and Bible locations. This beautiful, full-color book is filled with photographs, maps, and easy-to-read commentary. By exploring the relevance of place within biblical stories, this engaging volume brings the Bible alive to readers in a way no other book has done before.
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Charisma House, By Ken and Trudi Blount, trade paper, 240 pages, $14.99, 9781629986289, Aug 20
Devil-Proof Your Family deals with the challenges families are facing and gives them practical steps for protecting their marriages and children from the attacks of the enemy. They will learn specific Bible-based strategies that will help them memorize, proclaim, and apply Scripture so the devil doesn't stand a chance in their home.
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Baker Publishing, By James Stuart Bell, comp., trade paper, 240 pages, $12.99, 9780764212796, Aug 20
In this new collection, people who have seen Jesus, heard his voice, or had him intervene miraculously in their lives share their fascinating stories. Readers longing for more of Jesus will be drawn closer to the God who is intimately involved and cares about every detail in our lives.
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Charisma House, By JudsonCornwall, trade paper, 144 pages, $12.99, 9781629986050, Aug 20
Culled from Cornwall's extraordinary teachings, From this Life to the Next challenges preconceived ideas about heaven. Readers will find biblical answers to questions about heaven. The moment of stepping from this life into the next should not be one we fear because Jesus said His presence would be our joy.
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Baker Publishing Group, By Matt Mikalatos, trade paper, 224 pages, $14.99, 9780801016318, Aug 20
Gifted writer Matt Mikalatos retells the compelling stories of Jesus's earliest followers, revealing one of the deepest truths of the Gospel: that it's about the intersection of God's story and our own. Readers will find that sharing the story is easier and more rewarding than they ever imagined
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Baker Publishing, By Mary Hunt, trade paper, 352 pages, $15.99, 9780800721473, Aug 20
You work hard for your money. You know you should save, but it seems like every month something comes up that sets you back. If you're tired of working hard just to get by, this user-friendly guide shows you that you can slash the cost of nearly everything without sacrificing joy and quality of life.
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Baker Publishing, By Kate Breslin, trade paper, 384 pages, $14.99, 9780764211614, Aug 20
With Britain caught up in WWI, misguided suffragette Grace Mabry hands a white feather of cowardice to English spy Jack Benningham, heir to the Earl of Stonebrooke. Neither of them could anticipate the extent of the danger and betrayal that follows them--or the faith they'll need to maintain hope.
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Baker Publishing, By Emily P. Freeman, trade paper, 256 pages, $14.99, 9780800722456, Aug 20
With a quiet intensity, Emily Freeman calls readers to unwrap the small, secret gift of the everyday--celebrating the lovely, the messy, and the unexpected. She offers the motivation they need to keep doing their work, loving their families, and moving towards hope even when they don't see results.
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Baker Publishing, By Eddie and Alice Smith, trade paper, 240 pages, $14.99, 9780800795924, Aug 20
Demons are nesting in Christian homes—and even churches. The Smiths offer amazing real-life stories showing the inroads that spiritual pollution makes—and how to get rid of it. Readers will learn to detect the presence of demons, follow the seven-step biblical process of purification, and close the door behind these intruders for good.
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Baker Publishing, By Dr. Caroline Leaf, trade paper, 240 pages, $13.99, 9780801018398, Aug 20
Scientist and therapist Dr. Caroline Leaf combines current scientific research with biblical teaching to help readers understand how the power of their thoughts can help them manage stress, break unhealthy patterns, use their brains more effectively, and overcome any mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual obstacles.
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Baker Publishing, By Judith Miller, trade paper, 336 pages, $14.99, 9780764212567, Aug 20
Rose McKay has plenty of ideas on how to make her family's newly acquired pottery business in the hills of West Virginia a success—too many ideas, in long-time employee Rylan Campbell's opinion. But can these two put aside their differences and work together to win an important design contest?
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Baker Publishing, By Alex Early, trade paper, 192 pages, $14.99, 9780764213571, Aug 20
The love of God is not a passionless, theological idea, but a real love that feels and even suffers. Whether you grew up in a Christian home and have forgotten this essential truth, or you never knew it in the first place, we all need to be reminded—and assured—that God's love is real and personal.
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Baker Publishing, By Sarah Sundin, trade paper, 384 pages, $14.99, 9780800723422, Aug 20
In 1941 as America teeters on the brink of World War II, Mary Stirling and Ensign Jim Avery work together to expose a saboteur. Will the dangers they encounter draw them together or tear them apart? Readers will encounter U-boats and torpedoes, along with the power of true love, in this hopeful and romantic story.
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Baker Publishing, By Thomas Locke, trade paper, 384 pages, $14.99, 9780800724337, Aug 20
In this high-concept thriller, three competing interests race to master a dangerous and mind-bending technology even as time itself twists in unexpected directions. As perception and reality become entangled, no one escapes unscathed. With a concept so daring and writing so gripping, readers will swiftly fall under the spell of Thomas Locke's endlessly creative mind.
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Baker Publishing, By Wayne Stiles, trade paper, 256 pages, $15.99, 9780801018459, Aug 20
Author and Insight for Living executive vice president uses the life of Joseph to explore the silence and confusion that occurs when God seems absent, revealing that waiting on God is a very active part of the Christian life. Readers will find in Wayne Stiles a trustworthy guide to finding peace in the pauses.
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Baker Publishing, By James W. Goll, comp., trade paper, 192 pages, $13.99, 9780800797744, Aug 20
Is it possible to show a hungry world the kind of love the Bible promises? Here are candid stories from twelve respected Christian leaders, promising us that the agape love of God is strongly at work. These remarkable stories inspire us to become outlets of the love through which Jesus will change the world.
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Baker Publishing, By Amber C. Haines, hardcover, 208 pages, $16.99, 9780800724078, Aug 20
This is a story of the God who makes himself known in broken places. In prose that is at once lyrical and utterly honest, a brave new voice takes readers on a windswept journey down the path of brokenness to healing, satisfaction, and true intimacy with God.
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