Monday, June 1, 2015

New Release Books

The following products will be released Jun. 7 - 13
Baker Publishing, By Dr. Kevin Leman, trade paper, 336 pages, $14.99, 9780800723323, Jun 8
As the firstborn son of an old and powerful family, William Jennings WorÃ?­thingtonââ?¬â? VI knows what it's like to be under pressure. Suddenly, Will finds himself staring down a road that leads to Capitol Hill. Can he trade the board room for the Senate floor? Or will a closetful of family secrets keep him from his destiny?
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Baker Publishing, By Karen Witemeyer, trade paper, 352 pages, $14.99, 9780764212802, Jun 8
Stone Hammond is the best tracker in Texas. So when a wealthy railroad investor hires him to find his abducted granddaughter, Stone eagerly accepts. Charlotte Atherton will do anything to keep Lily away from her unscrupulous grandfather. Nothing will stop her, not even the handsome bounty hunter with surprisingly honest eyes who comes looking for them.
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Baker Publishing, By Sandra Orchard, trade paper, 368 pages, $14.99, 9780800722241, Jun 8
Researcher Kate Adams has finally pinpointed the medicinal plant responsible for tearing her family apart. She's certain that discovering its secrets is her only hope of solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her father. Kate will risk anything to find the truth—even her budding relationship with Detective Tom Parker.
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Baker Publishing, By Dr. Gary Smalley, trade paper, 288 pages, $14.99, 9780800726584, Jun 8
In From Anger to Intimacy, couples learn how to: resolve conflict, hurt, and pain in a healthy way, overcome feelings of anger, frustration, and rage, learn how to forgive and nurture a forgiving spirit, craft the perfect apoÃ?­logy, break sexual addiction and heal after an affair, and much more.
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Baker Publishing, By Jody Hedlund, trade paper, 384 pages, $14.99, 9780764212383, Jun 8
Caroline has tended the lighthouse since her father's death. But where will she go when a wounded Civil War veteran arrives to take her place? Caroline feels drawn to this wounded soul, but with both of them relying on that single position, can they look past their loss to a future filled with hope...and possibly love?
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Baker Publishing, By Nita Belles, trade paper, 240 pages, $14.99, 9780801018572, Jun 8
Human trafficking expert Nita Belles combines stories, research, and boots-on-the-ground advice into a powerful primer on the reality of modern-day slavery. She helps parents, friends, teachers, law enforcement, government officials, and other leaders understand all forms of trafficking, identify risk factors, and take practical steps to keep their loved ones and neighbors safe from predators.
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Baker Publishing, By Rob Elliott, paperback, 240 pages, $8.99, 9780800722364, Jun 8
With a one-two punch of laugh-out-loud jokes and ready-to-finish cartoons, these pocket-sized books encourage boys to get creative and start doodling. Packed with jokes that will keep boys giggling for hours, and unfinished doodles for them to complete any way they want, these books keep little hands and minds busy
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Baker Publishing, By Rob Elliott, paperback, 240 pages, $8.99, 9780800722371, Jun 8
With a one-two punch of laugh-out-loud jokes and ready-to-finish cartoons, these pocket-sized books encourage girls to get creative and start doodling. Packed with jokes that will keep girls giggling for hours, and unfinished doodles for them to complete any way they want, these books keep little hands and minds busy.
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Baker Publishing, By Christine Johnson, trade paper, 352 pages, $14.99, 9780800723507, Jun 8
A tomboy tries to transform herself into a Southern belle to gain her father's approval. As family secrets come to light, Elizabeth Benjamin is faced with a difficult choice: to do her duty and abandon her dreams, or to leave her life of privilege behind to chase the man her father sees as little better than a pirate.
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Baker Publishing, By Mary Connealy, trade paper, 336 pages, $14.99, 9780764211799, Jun 8
After Shannon Wilde literally follows mountain man Matthew Tucker over a cliff, can they learn to live together—for better or worse? Their adventure in the wilderness results in the solitary mountain man finding himself hitched to a young woman with a passel of relatives, a homestead, and a flock of sheep to care for.
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Baker Publishing, By Melody Carlson, paperback, 320 pages, $14.99, 9780800723576, Jun 8
Anna Gordon gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reinvent herself by moving to New York City, where she hopes for a management position at a stylish new boutique hotel. The big city is full of surprises—not the least of which is Sean O'Neil. Her childhood crush has applied for the very same position!
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Baker Publishing, By Della Parr, trade paper, 336 pages, $14.99, 9780764217333, Jun 8
When a new doctor arrives in town, midwife Martha Cade's world is overturned by the threat to her job, a town scandal, and whispers of an unexpected romance. Determined to do the work she knows God intended for her, Martha faces every trial and every opportunity with hope and faith.
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Baker Publishing, By Susie Larson, trade paper, 224 pages, $14.99, 9780764213311, Jun 8
Are you worn out from life's ought-to's and should-do's? In this practical and liberating book, Susie shares ways to: Learn how—and when—to say no without guilt or shame. Find a pace and perspective that matches God's best for you Discern man-made obligations from God-given invitations. Will you say yes to the One who will rejuvenate your soul?
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Harrison House Publishers, by Tony Cooke, paperback, 224 pages, $14.99, 9781606839973, Jun 9
Do you know why you're here? Do you know what you're supposed to accomplish? Your work—what you do in this life—matters greatly to God. Whether it is our everyday work or the work of the ministry, there are no second-class assignments from Him.
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