Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Releases 02/26/2014

Daniel Plan Cookbook [Hardcover]

Daniel Plan Cookbook [Hardcover]Easy, Delicious recipes to help you ENJOY HEALTHY EATING FOR LIFE Based on The Daniel Plan book, The Daniel Plan Cookbook: 40 Days to a Healthier Life is a beautiful four-color cookbook filled with more than 100 delicious, Daniel Plan-approved recipes that offer an abundance of options to bring healthy cooking into your kitchen. No boring drinks or bland entrees here. Get ready to enjoy appetizing, inviting, clean, simple meals to share in community with your friends and family. Healthy cooking can be easy and delicious, and The Daniel Plan Cookbook is the mouth-watering companion to The Daniel Plan book and The Daniel Plan Journal to help transform your health in the most head-turning way imaginably---from the inside out.

Flesh [Paperback]

Flesh [Paperback]Christ's Body, Human "Flesh" If we're honest, no one really cares about theology unless it reveals a gut-level view of God's presence. According to pastor and ministry leader Hugh Halter, only the incarnational power of Jesus satisfies what we truly crave, and once we taste it, we're never the same. God understands how hard it is to be human, and the incarnation--God with us--enables us to be fully alive. With refreshing, raw candor, "Flesh" reveals the faith we all long to experience--one based on the power of Christ in the daily grind of work, home, school, and life. For anyone burned out, disenchanted, or seeking a fresh honest-to-God encounter, "Flesh" will invigorate your faith.

Life After Grief [Paperback]Life After Grief [Paperback]

Rebecca Bauer recounts her journey through loss and grief and the choices and lessons she faced. Grief can be an incapacitating emotion, and on that road it is easy to forget that we still have a choice in our process, one that is offered by Jesus. He invites us to: Step into the light Choose the way of life in the face of death Begin to rebuild on faith Embrace Him at every step Define life by His truth Everyone faces loss, but loss was never intended to define us or our futures. Even Jesus faced loss, so He understands this journey; and while life will never be the same again, we serve a God who has the immense, life-begetting, never-ending, creative, restoring ability to make life good again. Hold tightly to His hand and He will walk you forward.

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