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New Releases 9/26/2013


No PictureThe Book of Daniel,  Pure Flix Entertainment, Llc / 2013


 In 605 B.C. Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonnians and many of their best young men were taken into captivity, including Daniel (Robert Miano, Andrew Bongiorno). Daniel was taken to Babylon to serve it. As Powerful King , Nebuchandnezzar (Rolf Saxon). Daniel as an example of boldness and faithfulness to God in the most difficult circumstances had eternal impact on the people and the kings that he encountered. This Biblical epic tells the heroic and timeless stories of Daniel as told in the Bible. 


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Anything Is Possible, Image Entertainment / DVD


Anything Is Possible   -  Internationally renowned piano sensation Ethan Bortnick makes his film debut in Anything is Possible, an uplifting story of hope and family, featuring inspiring songs written and performed by the young musical star. Ten-year-old Nathan (Bortnick) is devastated when his mom is reported missing while serving on an overseas Army rescue mission. Feeling scared and alone, Nathan runs away from home only to find shelter from the city streets at a local orphanage. There, Nathan’s incredible talent at the piano is discovered, and he becomes the star attraction at a benefit concert to raise money for the orphanage. Inspired by the kindness of the people he met on his journey, Nathan holds on to the belief that his mom will come home and his family will be reunited. This heartwarming story proves that with love, compassion, selflessness and hope, anything is possible.







  Wake the Dawn, 
By: Lauraine Snelling  FaithWords / 2013 / Paperback


Wake the Dawn    -     
        By: Lauraine Snelling
 The life of a young child and the aftermath of a storm give Esther Hanson and Ben James the reason they need to change. National bestselling author Lauraine Snelling brings a small mountain town to thrilling life when a natural disaster threatens to destroy lives. U.S. Border Patrol agent Ben James' life is in tatters. A tragic accident stole the love of his life and he never finished grieving. Turning to the bottle for support, he lost sight of what was important. While making his last patrol run before a storm rolls in, Ben's canine partner Bo finds an abandoned baby hidden in the woods. As Ben rushes the child to the only clinic in the area, the storm strikes with unexpected fury. Esther Hanson runs a second-rate clinic in the small community of Pineville, Minnesota, on the Canadian border. Though she has fought for years to get the equipment she needs, the town refuses to approve the funding. When the unprecedented storm ravishes the area, cutting them off from all outside help, Esther struggles to help her patients without giving in to overwhelming emotions. The event triggers a long-suppressed memory, and Esther must come face to face with the reality of her past and learn to forgive herself. Brought together by the life of a child, Ben and Esther become each other's reason to change.

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Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book About a (Really) Big Problem

Crossway Books & Bibles / 2013 / Paperback
Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book About a (Really) Big Problem  -     
        By: Kevin DeYoung
 I’m too busy. We’ve all heard it, we’ve all said it. Sometimes being busy seems like the theme of our lives. Yet this frenetic pace poses a serious threat to our physical, social, and even spiritual well-being. In this mercifully short book about a really big problem, best-selling author Kevin DeYoung rejects the “busyness as usual” mindset, arguing that a life of constant chaos is far from what God intends. DeYoung helps us figure out a better way forward as he strikes a mature and well-reasoned balance between doing nothing and doing everything. With his usual warmth, humor, and honesty, DeYoung deftly attacks the widespread “crazy busy” epidemic and offers up the restful cure we’ve all been too busy to find.

Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage: How Healthy Conflict Can Take You to Deeper Levels of Intimacy  -     
        By: Dr. Greg Smalley
Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage: How Healthy Conflict Can Take You to Deeper Levels of Intimacy

Howard Books / 2013 / Paperback
 In Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage, Dr. Greg Smalley asserts that conflict is frequently driven by fear, not the immediate issues at hand. We all have hot button issues, that when pushed, set off an immediate knee-jerk emotional response. Dr. Smalley has included a chart in his book with common reactions and explain what they mean. He has devised a powerful five-step communication process for healthy conflict call the L.U.V.E. talk method. It stands for Listen, Understand, Validate, Empathize, and Apologize. Paperback Edition.

Surviving Middle School

No Picture  No one prepares to fail, so why should you? Starting middle school can be like a splash of cold water in the face. I mean, kick ball and foursquare are way behind you, and what lies ahead is a place you've heard stories about-and not all of them are good. So how do you survive middle school? By knowing what's coming and understanding the secrets of success . Surviving Middle School brings laugh-filled-but extremely helpful-answers that are sure to give a jolt of confidence to any young "grom". Written in an engaging and understandable style by veteran youth worker Rick Bundschuh, the co-author of the bestseller Soul Surfer, Surviving Middle School points the way through the potential rip-tides that kids face as they enter these unknown waters. Rick's advice on dealing with the opposite sex, peer pressure, how not to be a geek, and more will make you smile and help you make the most of your big dive into middle school. So jump on in-you may even enjoy the water!

It Is Well with My Soul: Inspiration from the Beloved Hymn  -     
        By: Darlene Franklin
It Is Well with My Soul: Inspiration from the Beloved Hymn

Barbour Publishing / 2013 / Paperback
 Whether you're in the midst of a life-changing tragedy or simply in need of a reminder of God's presence, here's reassuring of comfort and inspiration for your soul. Based on Horatio Spafford's beloved hymn, these heartfelt devotions, prayers, quotes, and Bible promises reveal the blessings, joy, and peace that every heart truly desires. 192 pages, softcover from Barbour.

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