Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Releases 8/13/13

Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire   - Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire

Pure Flix Entertainment, Llc / 2013 / DVD
       All that former special ops soldier Josh McManus wants is to see his family. But his dreams are dashed when the rapture occurs, leaving a society dominated by brutal outlaws like Hawg and his thugs. Now Josh must decide whether to embrace his violent past or become a man of faith. Which will he choose? Dove approved (12+). 91 minutes. Closed-captioned. 

Christianity To Go

Passio / 2013 / Paperback

Taking the beauty of Jesus out of our church buildings and into the world
http://g.christianbook.com/g/ebooks/covers/w185/4/40744eb_w185.pngChurch buildings are important. They give us a place where we can gather, but ultimately they’re just buildings. They’re not the real church. We are. Our impact shouldn’t end when we walk out the doors of the church. That is the moment that it should begin.
Christianity to Go shows you how to let God transform your life into something so beautiful you can’t help but attract people, inspiring you to go out into the world and shine. God wants to point to us and say, "Look what I’ve done with him, with her, and with them! I’ve restored them. No, they aren’t perfect yet, but someday they will be. Look at their beauty! I’m so proud they’re Mine!"
Jesus makes us beautiful by clothing us with love, joy, and spiritual strength. Get up and leave the building. People are waiting for you to show them your beauty because your beauty points them to Jesus. 
God in Slow Motion: Reflections on Jesus and the 10 Unexpected Lessons You Can See in His Life  -     
        By: Mike Nappa

God in Slow Motion: Reflections on Jesus and the 10 Unexpected Lessons You Can See in His Life

Thomas Nelson / 2013 / Paperback
  Think you already know the gospel story backwards and forwards? Nappa invites you to revisit 10 familiar sequences---and zoom in on Jesus' life frame-by-frame! As you take a closer look, you'll be amazed by paradigm-shifting revelations about Christ's "mischievous glory, criminal kindness, frightening wonder, stolen miracles, beautiful sorrow," and "brutal love." 256 pages, softcover from Nelson.
Love to Stay: Sex, Grace, and Commitment  -     
        By: Adam Hamilton

Love to Stay: Sex, Grace, and Commitment

Abingdon Press / 2013 / Hardcover
 Explore what it takes to create and sustain healthy, meaningful romantic relationships across the course of a lifetime. In Love to Stay: Sex, Grace, and Commitment, Adam Hamilton draws from the latest research, personal experiences of thousands of couples, advice of marriage therapists, and biblical wisdom to help couples learn the lifelong dance of marriage. Some of the topics addressed are commitment, forgiveness, habits, sexual intimacy, and male-female differences. Hardcover.

Wrestling With The Devil (Strict Street=8/13)Wrestling with the Devil: The True Story of a World Champion Professional Wrestler

Tyndale House / 2013 / Hardcover
 Here's your backstage pass to meet the wrestling mega-sensation Lex Luger. "The Total Package" was on top of his game in the ring, but when the cameras weren't rolling he struggled with sex, drugs, and alcohol. Discover never-before-told stories from his career, his struggle with personal demons, and how he found redemption in Christ. 272 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.

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