Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Releases

One Perfect Life
John MacArther
Thomas Nelson, March 2013
Do you long to know Jesus better and draw closer to His heart? What better way than to examine his life and teaching? In One Perfect Life, pastor and teacher John MacArthur draws from the richness of the Gospel narratives to paint a complete portrait of the Savior's life. Using the Gospel of Matthew as a base MacArthur weaves together the four narratives of Jesus' life to show how they work in harmony with one another. Supported with extensive study notes, and giving a verse-by-verse explanation of every Scriptural reference to Christ, from Genesis to Revelation, One Perfect Life will deepen your confidence in the trustworthiness of the Bible, and draw you into more meaningful worship. Discover the glory of our Savior who was, and is, and is to come.

Pursuing Justice
Ken Wytsma
Thomas Nelson, February 2013
The ONLY way to find abundant life and happiness is to give your life away. If God designed us to experience true happiness and abundant life, why do so many Christians feel dissatisfied and purposeless?  We try to make our lives better by chasing our own dreams, but that only makes the problem worse.  Instead, the path to a just life that’s satisfying and permeated with meaning leads us alongside the orphan, the widow, and the powerless.  Using clear evangelical theology and compelling narratives drawn from two decades of global ministry and travel, Ken Wytsma, the founder of The Justice Conference, shows God’s unchanging love for all His children.  On the way, the author calls us back to a proper understanding of biblical justice, a redeeming glimpse into the true meaning of righteousness and the remarkable connection between our own joy, the joy of others, and the wondrous Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pursuing Justice shows that God isn’t primarily concerned with personal piety but about empowering His children to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with their creator.  The message is as hopeful as it is fresh: when you discover anew the meaning of the Gospel and give your life away, you will find it…and it will be the best life you can imagine.

Beyond Heaven's Door
Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson, February 2013
Life without end? Boundless space? The cessation of suffering? Our final destiny may spark questions, but Lucado says there will be nothing to fear on the day we step into eternity! Join America's best-loved inspirational author for a glimpse of the joy that awaits us in the "many mansions" of God. Content adapted from When Christ Comes. 128 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Gods at War
Kyle Idleman
Zondervan, February 2013
There may be no wooden or golden idols in your home, such as the ancient Israelites struggled with, but chances are, there are significant idols in your heart. These idols can look like normal, everyday concerns about security, financial stability, desire for attention or affection, but can easily become the ugly reality of anxiety, greed, and seeking approval of man, rather than God. In Gods at War, Kyle Idleman addresses the issue of idolatry in the lives of believers by asking insightful questions that will help you determine which false gods are striving to sit on the throne of your heart. By sharing true and powerful testimonies of those who have struggled with the idols of money, sex, success, food and romance, Idleman clears away the cultural baggage of the 21st century to expose these gods for what they are--rivals to our unhindered devotion to Christ. Discover the freedom that awaits you when you allow the true God to reside unchallenged in your heart and life.

C.S. Lewis: A Life
Alister McGrath
Tyndale, February 2013
Known as an atheist-turned-Christian thinker, prolific writer, and creator of the beloved Narnia series, C.S. Lewis remains as influential today as he was 50 years ago. But who was he really? After examining recently published Lewis correspondence, McGrath offers a fresh portrait of a creative genius---and challenges previously held beliefs about the timing of Lewis's conversion. 350 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.

Fred 2.0
Mark Sanborn
Tyndale, January 2013
Nine years ago, bestselling author and business consultant Mark Sanborn introduced the world to Fred, his postman, who delivered extraordinary service in simple but remarkable ways. Fred’s story inspired millions. Companies—even, cities—were inspired to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary each day. Today, with stiff competition from the networked global economy, delivering extraordinary results is more important than ever. With Fred 2.0, Mark not only revisits the original Fred to gain new insights, but also equips all of us with new strategies to achieve more. You’ll not only be inspired by Fred 2.0, you’ll also have the tools and strategies to aim higher and achieve the extraordinary.

Hilary Alan
WaterBrook Press, February 2013
 Living the American dream, Hilary and Curt Alan were high-profile professionals living with their children in an affluent neighborhood. But everything changed when they answered God's call to move to a Muslim province in Southeast Asia to help people rebuild after a devastating tsunami. Join them as they grapple with hard choices---and experience overwhelming joy. 272 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.

I Still Believe CD
Jeremy Camp
Tyndale, January 2013
How should we deal with life's sorrows? When a loved one dies, where can we find comfort? With unflinching candor, Camp recounts his improverished childhood, rebellious teenage years, spiritual awakening, the tragic loss of his wife, Melissa, and his second chance at love. His fiery journey refined his faith---and will give you reason to hope in God. 220 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

Zion Deluxe Edition CD
Hillsong United
Sparrow Records, February 2013
Offering a fresh vision for what they are called to do, Hillsong United takes steps forward sonically---while retaining the hallmarks of their worship songs. Includes "Relentless"; "Up in Arms"; "Scandal of Grace"; "Oceans"; "Stay and Wait"; "Mercy, Mercy"; "Love Is War"; "Nothing Like Your Love"; "Heartbeats"; "A Million Suns"; "Tapestry"; "King of Heaven"; and the title track. Deluxe edition includes two additional songs, three remixes, and the "Welcome Zion" music video.

Wow Gospel 2013 DVD
Various Artists
EMI, January 2013
You've got a front-row seat to electrifying performances of best-of-the-best gospel songs for 2013! Clap your hands and sing along to "Awesome" (Pastor Charles Jenkins); "Good & Bad" (J. Moss); "I Smile" (Kirk Franklin); "Go Get It" (Mary Mary); "Hold On" (James Fortune with Monica & Fred Hammond); "Turning Around for Me" (VaShawn Mitchell); "After This" (Youthful Praise); and more.

Dueling with the Three Musketeers (Enchanted Attic Series)
L.L. Samson
Zondervan, January 2013
When Madrigal Pierce's greedy brother shows up, he is prepared to do everything he can to sell the school. Luckily, Ophelia has been reading The Three Musketeers, and Linus, Ophelia, and Walter think that D'Artagnan can save the school. But when their plan goes awry and the evil Lady DeWinter appears instead, can these Three Musketeers save the day, and the school?

I Love You No Matter What
J. Rutland
Thomas Nelson, February 2013
Let your little ones know that you will always be there for them, no matter what, with this heartfelt story. Paralleling Jesus' parable of the prodigal son, Prince Chirpio likes growing up as royalty, but his selfishness and thirst for adventure prompts him to leave the kingdom and fly off to where he can make his own rules. When he realizes that adventures can be very lonely, he wonders if his father still loves him and if he will accept him back if he went home. Luckily, Chirpio discovers that his father will always love him---no matter what. Recommended for ages 4-7.

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