Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Review

--> Coming Home
By Karen Kingsbury
Zondervan 2012

Reviewed by Diane Busch

Coming Home seems to be the wrap-up book for the many series about the Baxter Family that Karen Kingsbury has written.  The initial chapters fill you in on many details of each member of the family, in case you haven’t read all the books or in case it has been so long that you forgot a few things.

The title “Coming Home” has several special meanings, as this story unfolds.  The entire extended Baxter family plans to get together in Bloomington, Illinois for their father’s 70th birthday.  A joyful family reunion & celebration is what they have planned.

But, as in real life, not all things go as planned.  The family has to endure tragedy and heartache.  They pray as never before.  They cling together as family and they hold onto their faith in God, even during these most difficult circumstances.  Christians are not exempt from bad things happening to them.  But the Baxter family shows by example how to walk through difficulty, tragedy, and loss without losing faith.

The book ends about a year after John Baxter’s 70th birthday and gives one last update on all the family members.  If this is the last book, I for one, find it hard to say goodbye to so many wonderful characters.

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