Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Releases

Cleaning House
Kay Wills Wyma
WaterBrook Press, May 2012
We all want to make life easier for our kids, but are we doing too much? Are we fostering an attitude of entitlement? Sharing her experiences with her own children, Kay Wyma helps you teach your youngsters real-life skills - from making their beds and controlling clutter to practicing hospitality and engaging in community service.

7 Love Letters from Jesus
Rebecca Hayford Bauer
Regal Books, April 2012
Do you long to experience a closer relationship with your Savior? Discover how Jesus sees you---as worthy of his relentless pursuit! Inviting you to join in the divine romance, Bauer draws on Revelation 2 and 3 to show how the images of courtship and marriage to the Lamb can open your heart to God's unending love.

All Pro Dad
Mark Merrill
Thomas Nelson, April 2012
 Practical pointers on how to be the best father you can be! Featuring exclusive interviews with well-recognized leaders, Merrill shares their personal stories and the wisdom of the "7 M's" - makeup, master, mission, message, motive, method, and model - that every man must know about himself to truly love and lead his family. Insightful and doable!

Uncommon Manhood
Tony Dungy
Tyndale, April 2012
Super Bowl-winning coach Dungy knows that the best definition of a man's success is who he is---rather than what he has! Adapted from his bestseller Uncommon, this gift book celebrates the special guys in your life---humble and confident men of character, integrity, and courage who know the real value of faith and family. 128 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.

She's Got Issues
Nicole Unice
Tyndale, April 2012
In She's Got Issues, counselor and mom Nicole Unice explores five everyday issues that can hold you back from living free and loving well: control, insecurity, comparison, fear, and anger (along with its cousin, unforgiveness). Includes quizzes and other personal assessment tools.

Awake: Discover the Power of Your Story
Joel N. Clark
Zondervan, March 2012
Embark on a breathtaking quest for God's presence! Combining words, photos, and film, Clark invites you to experience the spirit of Christ in the orphan crisis in Africa, the tragedy following the Haiti earthquake, and in his own quirky love story. Along the way, you'll discover the unfolding story Jesus is telling through your life. 224 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

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