Friday, March 30, 2012

Book Review

My Imaginary Jesus
Matt Mikalatos
Tyndale c2010 

Reviewed by Diane Busch

How do you imagine Jesus? What does he look like?  How does he act?  Is he always with you?  Does He just show up at certain times?  How do you treat Him?  How does He treat you?  What do you believe about Jesus?  

This enjoyable, often humorous, fiction read contains thought-provoking situations and little "aha" moments.  It opens our eyes to all of the boxes we try to put Jesus in.  We each have our own ideas or images of Jesus.  We need to let Jesus break out of the restrictive boxes we have put him in.  This book helps reveal some of our misconceptions, such as

   * Angry Jesus
   * Magic 8 Ball Jesus
   * Testosterone Jesus
   * King James Jesus
   * Bargain Jesus
   * Liberal Social Services Jesus
   * Conservative Truth-Telling Jesus
   * Televangelist Jesus
   * Free Will Jesus
   * Meticulous Providence Jesus

   * My Imaginary Jesus

The author inspires us get rid of our Imaginary Jesus and get to know the Real Jesus.

(Tyndale provided a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.)

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