Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Releases

I Am A Follower
Leonard Sweet
Thomas Nelson, December 2011
Worried that you don't have what it takes to be a great leader? Sweet believes you can leave that anxiety behind . . . because the Christian life has never been about leading! Tracing the importance of following in Scripture, he challenges "architects" to become "gardeners"--- advocating a churchwide shift toward a culture of "followership." 240 pages, softcover from Nelson.

I Am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives.
Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett
Thomas Nelson, December 2011
An inside look at the lives of people who were completely transformed after life-changing encounters with Christ! Dealing with the darkest moments of life, these personal stories reveal how God's redemptive power can free us from addictions, depression, pride, infidelity, and other difficulties so we can become radically obedient to Jesus. Includes study questions. 240 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

How to Be a Best Friend Forever
John Townsend
Worthy Publishing, December 2011
There's nothing like the sustaining strength of a true-blue forever friend. . . . But how do you find one? And once you have, how do you maintain the connection? Boundaries author Townsend offers eight principles for building long-term, rewarding friendships---empowering you to experience one of life's greatest joys. Includes study guide. 192 pages, hardcover from Worthy.

Love Food & Live Well
Chantel Hobbs
WaterBrook Press, December 2011
Struggling with weight issues? Do you love food? Chantel says you can have your cake and eat it, too! Encouraging you to enlist food as an ally, she helps you implement the 80/20 rule---eat healthy for 80% of the time and indulge yourself the other 20%. Her revolutionary diet-and-fitness plan works---Chantel lost 200 pounds! Paperback.

Girls Uncovered
Joe McIlhaney Jr. and Freda Bush
Northfield, December 2011
An eye-opening look at the influence of our increasingly promiscuous society on American girls. Surveying the psychological, social, physical, and spiritual effects of sexual behaviors and attitudes, the authors frankly discuss sensitive topics ---including pregnancy, emotional attachment, and sexually transmitted infections---to help parents, youth workers, and counselors guide young women through the challenges they face. 176 pages, softcover from Northfield.

Give Us Rest CD
David Crowder Band
Sixstep Records, December 2011
Say goodbye to the old you and be transformed as the the blessed light of Christ leads you to new life! A powerful allegory in music and song, this requiem mass in C (the happiest of all keys) features "Lux Aeternam Shine," "God Have Mercy (Kyrie Eleison),"The Sound of Light," "The Great Amen," "Our Communion," "Because He Lives," and more. Two CDs.

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