Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Releases

Close Enough to Hear God Breathe
Greg Paul
Thomas Nelson, September 2011
What would it be like to be so close to God that you could lay your head down on his chest and hear him breathe? Drawing you nearer to your heavenly Father, Paul's poetic prose and stories from Scripture invite you to allow God's Word to speak to you as you surrender to his tender embrace. 224 pages, softcover from Nelson.

More Lost Than Found
Jared Herd
Thomas Nelson, September 2011
More Lost Than Found helps readers reconnect with a faith worth believing.
If you look at the statistics about people raised in the church who are now leaving it, you'll realize that something has gone horribly wrong. Has God's truth lost relevance? The answer to this question, says Jared Herd, director of XP3 college ministries, is an absolute no. Next-generation Christians are drifting from the institutional faith because they no longer see their very real struggles or their need for deep connection with God adequately addressed there.
In More Lost Than Found, youth expert Jared Herd comes alongside anyone who has drifted from faith to reengage them with the truth they long to hear. With amusing anecdotes and brilliant insight, he gives readers the permission to struggle with their faith while, deep down, knowing they still believe it and want to believe it. In this refreshing, true-to-life message, readers find a companion for their faith journey, rediscover the truth they grew up believing, and are invigorated to lay hold of it once again.

A Better Way to Think
H. Norman Wright
Revell, September 2011
All of us talk to ourselves, carrying on inner dialogues much of the day. Some of this self-talk frees us, but much of it keeps us captive to negative patterns that have a corresponding negative impact on our emotions and actions. But we do not have to remain prisoners of fear, anxiety, despair, disillusionment, regret, or stress! The bestselling author of A Better Way to Think shows readers how to truly bring every thought captive under Christ, thereby freeing themselves from the negative patterns of self-talk that have stymied their personal and spiritual growth for years. Biblically based and full of practical, proven strategies, this book helps readers harness the positive and creative power of their thought lives in order to experience lasting freedom from negativity. 
Ascent from Darkness
Leehan, Michael
Thomas Nelson, September 2011
The redemptive story of one man's agonizing journey from the depths of Satanism to a radical new life in Christ. A life of difficulty and disappointment set 33-three year old Michael Leehan up for the worst decision of his life-to make a deal with the Devil to follow and serve him. Practicing the dark arts that include ritualistic cuttings and blood sacrifices, while fine tuning his manipulation and control skills,Michaellaunched into a twenty year downward spiral that included job loss and detachment from loved ones, and even jail time.
But God had another plan that included a group of Christian men to love him and pray for him-even when it became evident his assignment from Satan was to kill their pastor, Craig Groeschel.
The life Michael Leehan lives today is an incredible testimony of the transforming power of God's mercy and grace, but is also a wakeup call to the church to be fully aware of the spiritual war that is going on all around them, and to the ultimate battle for their souls.
"I am sending you to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me." Acts 26:18

Draw Close: A Devotional for Couples
Willard Harley, Jr. & Joyce Harley
Revell, September 2011
Nothing brings a couple closer quite like sharing a regular devotional time. Now Willard F. Harley, Jr., the bestselling author of His Needs, Her Needs, joins forces with his wife, Joyce, to bring readers devotions to help them increase their intimacy with God and each other. The forty chapters are each divided into five brief sections and explore Harley's proven marriage principles in connection with God's Word. Each devotion begins with a story and includes a brief meditation, a relevant Scripture passage, and application questions to help make the principles a reality. Perfect for newlyweds as well as those who have been married for decades, this devotional promises to help readers connect with their spouse, build a stronger marriage, and keep God at the center of their commitment to each other.

Beyond Boundaries
John Townsend
Zondervan, September 2011
How do you know you're ready to trust again ... and what does it take to be ready? Painful relationships violate our trust, causing us to close our hearts. But to experience the freedom and love God designed us for, we eventually have to take another risk. In this breakthrough book, bestselling author Dr. John Townsend takes you beyond the pain of the past to discover how to re-enter a life of intimate relationships. Whether you're trying to restore a current relationship or begin a new one, Townsend gives practical tools for establishing trust and finding the intimacy you long for. Beyond Boundaries will help you reinstate closeness with someone who broke your trust; discern when true change has occurred; reestablish appropriate connections in strained relationships; create a safe environment that helps you trust; and restore former relationships to a healthy dynamic. You can move past relational pain to trust again. Beyond Boundaries will show you how.

Forbidden (The Book of Mortals)
Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee
Center Street, September 2011
New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker teams with Tosca Lee to create this gripping thriller set in a desolate future. A terrible truth has been revealed to one man: the entire human race has been drained of every emotion except one-- fear. To bring life back to the world, Rom must embark on a journey that will end either in his own demise or a re-awakening of humanity. But to bring love and passion back into existence will also threaten the powers of the world with the revolution and anarchy that had nearly destroyed them previously. After happening upon a journal through strange circumstance, Rom's world is shattered. He learns that humanity long ago ceased to "live," that it exists today in a living death of emotions. In a terrible risk, Rom exposes himself to the vial of blood folded into the old leather of the journal. His change is fearful and fraught with mind-bending emotion. A once-pious observer of the Order's passionless statues, he is filled with uncontrollable impulses. He is filled with love. He is undone, terrified, and alone in the desolate world.

The One You Need CD
Shane & Shane
Provident Music, September 2011
A personal, passionate celebration of God's grace from a dynamic duo that's on fire for the Lord! Putting Scripture to song, Shane & Shane convey the pure emotion of loving and trusting God in "Liberty," "Future Version," "Miracle," "Running to You," "Lift Up the Light," "Because He's God," "Without You," "Grace Is Sufficient," the title track, and more.

The Reckoning CD
Atlantic Records, September 2011
The 2011 Dove Award-winning group captures the on-stage energy of their exhilarating live performances in this highly anticipated release! Includes the arena-ready "Drive All Night," a swaggering "White Fences," the hit radio single "Slumber," "Wanted Man," "Keep Your Eyes Open," "Angel at My Door," "Learn to Love," "Devil's Been Talkin'," the epic title track, and more.

VeggieTales The Little Drummer Boy DVD
Big Idea Productions, September 2011
A Veggie version of the holiday classic! Junior Asparagus stars as the poor, lonely little boy who wants to see the newborn king---but he has nothing to give that would be worthy of royalty. Pa-rum pum pum pum. Could his gift to the Christ child be his song? Will it be good enough? 45 minutes.

Thank You, God, for Blessing Me (Little Hermie)
Max Lucado
Tommy Nelson, September 2011
Meet Little Hermie-the cutest caterpillar in the garden! Little Hermie's thankful heart shows toddlers how to be thankful for God's blessings. With sweet illustrations coupled with rhyming text, toddlers will enjoy reading this new series on Hermie when he was little, before graduating to the Hermie & Friends series. 10 pages, board book from Thomas Nelson.
Thank You, God for Loving Me (Little Hermie)
Max Lucado
Tommy Nelson, September 2011
Little Hermie and the baby bug garden friends teach little ones about God's love for them. With sweet illustrations coupled with rhyming text, toddlers will enjoy reading this new series on Hermie when he was little, before graduating to the Hermie & Friends series. 10 pages, board book from Thomas Nelson.

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