Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Releases

Captivated Deluxe Edition CD
Nicole C. Mullen
Marantha, May 2011
Award-winning singer/songwriter Nicole C. Mullen is an insightful communicator, an inspiring performer, and---above all else---a worshiper! This deluxe CD of on-your-knees music includes the radio single "Kingdom Come," "Lead Me" (with the Katinas), "I'll Praise Your Holy Name," "My Shepherd," "I Need You," "Forgive Me," and "A Song for You"; plus extended arrangements, music videos, interviews, and more.

Listen to the Sound CD
Building 429
Provident, May 2011
The Christian pop rock band has a new album with tracks that include: Made For You, Right Beside You, One Foot, Listen To The Sound, War Zone, Where I Belong, You Save Me, Walls Are Coming Down, Love Has Been Spoken, and Awaken Us.

Adventures in Odyssey The Green Ring Conspiracy vol. 53
Focus on the Family, Feb. 2011
First, a backpack filled with money is found in Gower's Field; then, a mysterious man survives a nearby plane crash; and an underworld errand boy has possession of a special cell phone. This new adventure puts your kids' favorite Odyssey characters at the center of intrigue, suspense, and a scheme of international proportions! Ages 8 to 12. Four CDs.

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