Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Review

by John Trent
c1998 WaterBrook Press

reviewed by Diane Busch

LifeMapping is a great book for people who may be at a transition in their life or who are ready to make a difference for their future. LifeMapping will help you discover how things in your past affect your actions now and quite possibly your future. John Trent lays out an eight-part storyboard template for you to work through for your own life. Many times you need to deal with hurts and hang-ups in the past, before being able to plan for a positive future. This is an interactive book, as you cannot just read it, but must take time to reflect, brain storm, and write down your remembrances and thoughts. We found this book to be a very effective tool for seeing your whole life as a story, and having an affect on the ending yet to be written.

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