Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Releases

Right Here Right Now
Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford
Baker Books, December 2010
People in all walks of life are discovering what it means to be involved, concerned, missional Christians. But simply having block parties or spending more time downtown is not enough to describe what it means to be a missional people. What is needed is a reformation of the way we actually live our lives as Jesus followers. We need to see a way of living faithfully to God's mission in the world, right here, right now. In this inspiring yet practical book, Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford equip believers to live missionally regardless of situation, vocation, or location, making the concept of being missional accessible to the whole body of Christ. Touching on issues of discipleship, spirituality, and church at every level of experience, Right Here, Right Now calls readers to be the people God has made them to be.

The Law of Happiness
Henry Cloud
Howard Books, December 2010
Drawing from the latest scientific and psychological research on the quest for happiness, The Law of Happiness reveals that the spiritual truths of the Bible hold the secrets to the happiness we desire. As Dr. Cloud unpacks these universal, eternal principles, he reveals that true happiness is not about circumstances, physical health, financial success, or even about the people in our lives. In other words, it’s not about the factors that are frequently beyond our control. Rather, happiness is found in choosing to become the kind of people God created us to be. With chapter titles like “Happy People Connect,” “Happy People Are Envy-Free,” “Happy People Have a Calling,” and “Happy People Forgive,” Cloud shows just how happiness is achieved as he sets readers on a pathway of spiritual transformation that connects them with the God of the universe. With these new tools, readers will discover that their relationships, their careers, and their inner selves are infused with the joy they’ve been seeking.

Looking Up Devotional Journal
Beth Moore
Thomas Nelson, December 2010
When life is looking down, look up and find God's deliverance! Life can be hard…sometimes to the point of feeling as though your struggles will never end, and God isn't anywhere near. The Looking Up Devotional Journal is Beth Moore's timeless message of hope and deliverance taken from Psalm 40. You'll discover you are indeed not alone, and that God's gracious provision of love and faithfulness is at work, pointing you toward a life of wholeness and fullness. Guided journaling gently leads you out of hardship into a brighter future of purpose and peace. This lovely devotional journal is based on Beth's bestselling book, Get Out of That Pit.

Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends (The Codebreaker Series vol. 3)
Christopher and Allan Miller
Warner Press, December 2010
In Hunter Brown and The Eye of Ends, the heart-pounding conclusion of Hunter's previous adventures begins with an even bigger surprise-his memory is gone. With no knowledge of his last visit to Solandria, Hunter must fight to piece together the growing puzzle of his past under the constant surveillance of an intimidating detective, who isn't all that he seems. But what begins as a harmless search for memories quickly leads him into a deadly hunt for his missing father and a lost relic said to predict the story's end. Answers lie in the Eye of Ends, but one question remains: can the Eye be trusted? Will Hunter succeed in finding his father, or will the mysterious Watcher erase everything Hunter has fought for and everyone he loves, before the final page is turned?

Trust Us...They'll Ask
Group Publishing
Group Publishing, December 2010
Trust Us...They'll Ask is for parents of preschoolers through preteens who want to be prepared ahead of time for the day their child asks them a difficult question. Kids always do ask and parents need to be ready to give an answer to any question that's asked. In this book you'll find more than 100 topics on body development, substance abuse, Internet usage, sexual issues and other commonly asked questions. Learn to communicate your Christian values along with factual information to your child.

Ncv Revolve 2011 Dream On Complete New Testament
Nelson Biblezine
Thomas Nelson, December 2010
Dream Big! Dreaming about her life? who she’ll be, what she’ll do, where she’ll go? It's all part of the package when it comes to teen girls. Revolve understands the many things teens dream about—but we also know that God’s plan for their lives is bigger and better than even they can imagine. With all new articles, interviews, devotions, quizzes, and notes, Revolve is back and better than ever, including:
* Notes by Jenna Lucado
* Dating tips from Chad Eastham
* Free music downloads from Revolve artists Group 1 Crew and Britt Nicole

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