Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Releases

The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor
Mark Labberton
IVP Books, November 2010
Jesus didn’t see a sick woman, he saw a daughter of God. He didn’t see an outcast from society, he saw a child of Israel. He didn’t see a sinner, he saw a person in the image of the Creator. Seeing rightly is the beginning of renewal, forgiveness, healing and grace. Seeing rightly, says Mark Labberton, is the beginning of how our hearts are changed. Too often, however, when we look at people we see problems or inconveniences on the one hand, or opportunities to be taken advantage of on the other. When we begin to see others with the eyes of Jesus, the stage is set not only for our own heart change but for a change in the world where life and justice can flourish. Through the careful self-examination that unfolds by the power, grace and wisdom of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, we begin to bear the fruit of love toward others that can make a difference in individuals and in society. Here is a chance to reflect on why our ordinary hearts can be complacent about the evils in the world and those in our neighborhood. This is not an easy book. But it is a necessary book. For it shows how Jesus sees us. Includes questions for personal reflection and group discussion.

The Confident Woman Devotional
Joyce Meyer
FaithWords, November 2010
A companion to her best-selling book The Confident Woman, Meyer's yearlong devotional provides encouragement and the tools you need to address and resolve problems on your journey living to boldly and beyond fear. Her biblical insights will help you live in the present with love, laughter, and God's acceptance---one day at a time! 384 pages, hardcover from Faithwords.

Daily Guideposts 2011
Andrew Attaway
Guidepost Books, October 2010
Looking for spiritual sunshine to help you grow in Christ? This perennial favorite will keep you firmly rooted in God's Word! Packed with 365 all-new stories penned by contemporary writers, inspiring Scriptures, and practical prayers, it offers daily 5-minute reflections on the topic of growing in love. A wonderful beginning---or ending---to your day! 432 pages, hardcover.

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