Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Releases

Making Friends, Making Disciples
Lee Spitzer
Judson Press, September 2010
This first volume in Judson Press s Living Church series addresses the topic of church growth and discipleship. For centuries, the Christian church has led the way in creating communities of people. Pastor Lee Spitzer proposes that today s church can sustain that leadership role by developing a transformative paradigm for church growth not only in terms of the number of people who join but in regard to the maturity of disciples who participate in the life of the Body of Christ. The key, Spitzer asserts, is learning to expand and enrich our circles of friendship in our home, our congregation, and our community. Includes chapter studies on friendship in the Bible and in the life of Jesus!

Jim Daly
David C Cook, August 2010
In his second book, President and CEO of Focus on the Family Jim Daly intertwines engaging true stories with Biblical wisdom to show how God can use struggles to strengthen the faith of his followers. In Stronger, Jim weaves together compelling stories and life principles with his trademark warmth and familiarity. Devoid of formulas but filled with biblical insights, Jim treats us to a feast of self-effacing, yet uplifting stories both about himself and about many others he has worked with through Focus on the Family. Jim writes about the most formidable and powerful strength—the kind that endures and hopes even when all seems hopeless—the kind that is found in only one source: the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. His is an eternal strength, unchangeable and unbreakable.

The Coming Economic Armageddon
David Jeremiah
FaithWords, September 2010
Never before have we read such jarring headlines, distressing news analyses, or dire predictions concerning the world's financial future. The American housing market -- or, more sentimentally, the American dream -- began to collapse in 2006, taking with it large chunks of the global financial system. Millions of jobs worldwide have vanished forever. Did Bible prophecy predict this catastrophe? Are there biblical clues to how soon, if ever, a viable, long-term recovery can be sustained? Is the financial collapse just one of several signs that we are living in the final days of Earth's history? In THE COMING ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON, David Jeremiah says we can know the meaning behind what we see in the daily news -- and understand and prepare for living in the New Global Economy.

Playing With Purpose
Mike Yorkey
Barbour Books, July 2010
They dominated college football and stood strong for their faith. Now, as they storm the NFL, learn all about "the three quarterbacks": Bradford, McCoy, and Tebow. Dubbed the "Holy Trinity" by sportswriters, the Oklahoma Sooners' Sam Bradford, the Texas Longhorns' Colt McCoy, and the Florida Gators' Tim Tebow are now eyeing professional glory. But starring on Sunday afternoons follows years of developing Christian faith on Sunday mornings. Playing with Purpose will introduce you to three young men of both physical and spiritual strength, athletes at the top of their game who also speak publicly and convincingly of their belief in God. Includes a section of color photographs!

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