Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Releases: February 11, 2009

History (CD)
Paul Colman
Inpop Records, January 2009

Among contemporary Christian music's most dynamic performers Paul Colman, former frontman and founding member of Dove Award-winning, GRAMMY nominated Aussie group Paul Colman Trio and present guitarist for legendary pop/rock band Newsboys, puts forth his second solo offering, History, in January. A follow up to his solo debut on Inpop Records, Let It Go (2005), the album features the best of Paul Colman throughout the years as well as new remakes of "If I Was Jesus" by Toby Keith and Delirious' "History Maker."

Fiction Family (CD)
Fiction Family
ATO Records/Red, January 2009

This is the 2009 debut for this duo consisting of members of Nickel Creek and Switchfoot. Both artists have achieved immense success with their respective bands. Sean Watkins is the guitar player and founding member of the Grammy Award winning trio Nickel Creek. Jon Forman is the guitarist and lead singer of the Grammy-nominated band Switchfoot, which has sold over five million records worldwide. Both Watkins and Forman, being vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, took turns singing lead and they both played several instruments on each song including guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, baritone ukulele, piano, organ, mandolin, steel guitar, 12-string guitar and more. The album was recorded and written in parts over the span of three years with no real deadlines, while still touring with their respective bands.

The Fray (CD)
The Fray
Sony Music/Epic, February 2009

This 2009 album from the Denver-based quartet is the follow-up to their enormously successful How To Save A Life. The Fray, who exploded into worldwide success with that album, have captured the skilled songwriting that broke them and, with the help of acclaimed producers Mike Flynn and Aaron Johnson, created a set of songs sure to make them household names. The band continues their licensing success story by collaborating with ABC's hit show, Lost in a series of music video promos featuring the album's first single, 'You Found Me' for the newest season of the show. The spots also ran during the 2008 American Music Awards, where the band was a featured performer. Over the weekend of the release and performance, the Lost video had over one million views. (10 tracks)

How Far Is Heaven: The Best of Salvador (CD)
Word Entertainment, February 2009

Celebrating 10 years together as a band and this their 10th career album, Word Records presents the commemorative Salvador collection, "How Far Is Heaven: The Best Of Salvador." This CD features 17 hits including "Heaven", "Shine", "Aware", and 3 bonus tracks available for the first time on CD!

T.R.U.T.H. About The Dinosaurs (DVD)
Bridgestone Multimedia, January 2009

Many Christians don't have sufficient answers when it comes to the topic of dinosaurs and how they fit with biblical history. T.R.U.T.H. About the Dinosaurs puts an end to that problem in this educational and entertaining documentary. Find out where the dinosaurs came from, what they liked to eat, why the word dinosaur isn't found in the Bible, and why they don't roam Earth today...or do they?

VeggieTales: Abe and the Amazing Promise (DVD)
Big Idea Inc., February 2009

Have you ever had to wait for something you really, really wanted? Bob the Tomato tries to bring the Bible story of Abraham and Sarah and their wait for a promised son to life, but when spitting camels and a film crew of zany French peas get involved, everyone's patience is tested! Will bob pull everything together in time to teach a lesson? Whether they're waiting on a promise from God or cookies from mom, kids will learn that while being patient is never easy, the reward is always worth the wait!

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys
Stephen James and David Thomas
Tyndale, January 2009

Born To Be...Wild! A boy's endless imagination, hunger for adventure, and passionate spirit are matched only by his deep desire to be affirmed, esteemed, and loved. Yet over the past few decades, our culture has adopted a model of parenting and educating children that doesn't affirm, celebrate, or embrace a boy's hunger, passion, or wildness but rather seeks to tame it. As a result, many parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors find themselves frustrated, confused, and wearied by boys' behavior. The truth is, boys don't need to be tamed, they need to be understood, loved, challenged, and encouraged. This book helps understand our vital role that we play on their journey to manhood.

B4UD8: 7 Things You Need To Know Before Your Next Date
Hayley & Michael DiMarco
Revell, February 2009

Whether d8ing or w8ing, their r 7 thngs u need 2 kno B4UD8! Based on five years of feedback since the release of Dateable, they now deliver more of what their audience is asking for in B4UD8. By bridging the gap between diving head first into the dating pool or kissing dating goodbye, Hayley and Michael tackle the seven most important things every teen should know before their next date. Designed to be easily adopted for use in churches but still created in the same relevant style of all Hungry Planet books, B4UD8 will appeal not only to teens everywhere, but to their parents and youth leaders as well. In it they will learn: • the purpose of dating • how to protect the temple • why dating is not marriage • and much more Whether their first date or their fiftieth, B4UD8 will help teens make biblical and smart decisions about love and dating.

Lessons From San Quentin
Tyndale, January 2009

Once you're in, you're never the same. If Bill Dallas didn't have it all, he had most of it: a diploma from a prestigious university, a lucrative career as a top California real estate entrepreneur, and more than enough money to fund a life filled with sports cars, penthouses, and beautiful women. And then it all fell apart. Convicted of grand theft embezzlement, the former golden boy found himself in one of the nation's most infamous institutions-San Quentin, home of "the worst or the worst". He thought it was the end of everything. But the real story was about to begin. This chronicles Bill's journey and along the way, it introduces us to his unlikely mentors-San Quentin's Lifers, who guided Bill to an unexpected relationship with God. Through a vivid experience, Bill shares lessons that can help you triumph over even the most difficult circumstances.

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