Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Releases: December 30, 2008

For The Tough Times
Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson, December 2008

Psalm 11:3 tells us, "When all that is good falls apart, what can good people do?" Isn't David's question ours? When jobs are lost, marriages fall apart, and loved ones die, what are we to do? David answers his own question with a declaration. "The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord sits on his throne in heaven." The point is unmistakable: God is undeterred by our problems. People are hurting, but he is there. He is still in control. When unspeakable tragedies and incomprehensible losses occur, we are saddened, angry, even vengeful. And we are full of questions. Why would God allow this atrocity? How can God bring good from such sadness? How should I pray in this time of great suffering? In this, you'll search for answers while requesting God's peace and understanding.

Eat This And Live!
Don Colbert, MD
Siloam, December 2008

Improve your health and extend your days with simple food choices. Today we have an abundance of options when it comes to the food we eat. But all foods are not created equal. In fact, some food should not even be labeled food but rather "consumable product" or "edible, but void nourishment." In Eat This and Live!, Dr. Colbert provides a road map to help you navigate this often treacherous territory. Based on the key principles for healthy eating, this practical guidebook to food includes his food and restaurant choices, along with helpful tips, charts, and nutrition information that will make it easier for you to stay healthy and lose weight. Now is the time to build the rest of your life on this wonderful pillar of health--living food!

The One-Year Women's Friendship Devotional
Tyndale, September 2008

Are you looking for a devotional to share with a friend? This devotional is designed specifically to encourage friendships among women while deepening connection to God and His word. It can also be used individually. At the end of each week, you'll find questions for reflection and discussion to stimulate personal growth and cultivate deeper relationships with other women. Each week focuses on a specific topic such as avoiding the comparison trap, cultivating a joy-filled life, handling common stress, and wading through grief.

The One-Year Yellow Ribbon Devotional
Tyndale, September 2008

Take a stand and pray for those who've taken a stand for your freedoms! Do you want to support the men and women in uniform but don't know how? Are you or someone you love involved in the armed forces or serving our country? Are the battles of life getting the better of you? During a time of war, while so many people are affected by the absence of loved ones who leave home and serve in distant countries, those left behind often struggle to find contentment and hope. This devotional will meet the needs of these individuals by helping them grow close to God in prayer; it will bless anyone facing the challenge of difficult circumstances; and it will encourage us all to stand in prayer for those taking a stand for our freedoms.

Living Rich for Less
Ellie Kay
WaterBrook Press, December 2008

With lively humor, proven know-how, and practical principles for financial health, this book helps you stretch your dollars to realize the lifestyle of your dreams. Ellie Kay's examples show you simple steps to give, save, and spend smart. Her three main principles are undergirded by dozens of effective rules and hundreds of Cha Ching Factor tips that keep or put money in your pocket. Ellie knows what it's like to be financially-strapped. She went, within 2 1/2 years, from being $40,000 in debt to being completely debt-free; within 15 years she shares how she was able to pay cash for 11 different cars, give away 3 of those cars, but two 5-bedroom houses, take wonderful vacations, and support more than 30 non-profit organizations, giving away more than $100,000. Isn't that the rich life you want?

The Power of Watching and Praying
Destiny Image, January 2009

We cannot afford to be prayerless. The victories we need to win will not be won with fleshly tickling of the five senses or programs that touch the mind but not the soul. Prayer is the single most important ministry of the church, yet much of today's church is powerless because it is prayerless. The Lord has issued a renewed call to corporate fasting and intercessory prayer for the deliverance and healing of the nations in preparation for His return. Such a call requires sacrifice, complete surrender to Christ and dogged willingness to engage the enemy on the field of battle. Answering the call to battle is not for the faint of heart, but for those who truly want to make a difference for the Kingdom of God in their world.

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