Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Releases: July 9, 2008

The Man Whisper
Rick Johnson
Revell, May 2008
A man whisperer is a woman who can use her subtle powers of persuasion to help her man become his very best. With humor and plainspoken common sense, Johnson helps women deal creatively with those annoying little habits while focusing on building his strong points. He also shows women why some tactics just don't work. Any woman who wants her marriage to be stronger will benefit from this enlightening book.
Holy Fools: Following Jesus with Reckless Abandon
Mathew Woodley
SaltRiver, June 2008
If your spiritual life has become bland, safe, and completely flat, it may be time to look to some unlikely mentors: a band of "holy fools" who are unabashedly ragged, adventurous, and sold out for Christ. Pastor Mathew Woodley offers a fresh view of "holy folly," an ancient spiritual approach that combines humor, irony, spiritual discipline, surprise, radical compassion, and passionate faith. Unlike many of us, the holy fools of old were gutsy enough to push against the grain of society and the church--even to the point of appearing extreme and foolish. But God also used them to ignite the church to follow Jesus and bring His love to the margins of society--and he can use you in the same way.

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